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FEIG OBID i-scan® HF

FEIG OBID i-scan® HF

The HF Long Range Readers ID ISC.LR(M)1002 and ID ISC.LR(M)2500 achieve reading / writing distances of up to 2 meters, depending on the antenna configuration. The readers support single loop and gate antennas that can be combined and even cascaded by using multiplexers.




The Long Range Readers offer a wide variation in operation modes and interfaces, and therefore provide many options for usage and integration of the readers.

OBID i-scan® HF / UHF is a family of readers for identification of 13.56 MHz (ISO 15693, ISO 18000-3 and EPC HF) and UHF (EPC Gen2, ISO 18000-6) transponders. OBID i-scan® HF / UHF satisfies the product requirements for a variety of applications such as retail, logistics and manufacturing.

OBID i-scan® HF

OBID i-scan® HF



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